Easy step by step PayPal express free setup
  • It’s free and the amount of sales you’ll receive online because you have PayPal will surprise you. if you like money,we highly suggest you sign up for PayPal.
  • How much does PayPal take from the money I receive?76_new-paypal-logo 2.9% plus 30 cents.
  • Is PayPal safe? Absolutely.
  • It’s the number one electronic payment gateway processing 60% of total web transactions.
  • PayPal is the 2nd most preferred online payment method, right after visa.
  • PayPal has now more than 150 million user accounts all over the world.


  • your business banking account and routing numbers.
  • business email address (this will become your PayPal id)

How to set up a PayPal free business account:

(if you already have a personal account you want to upgrade to your business account, log in and click the upgrade link. upgrade your account to business, it’s free. be sure to choose the PayPal payments standard $0/month package)

Click here to visit PayPal’s website and make sure ‘business account‘ is selected and click continue.

  1. Now click the PayPal payments standard $0/month package.
  2. Now, enter your business email and put in the captcha, click Next and fill out your business information and click the Agree and Continue button.
  3. Next, you ‘ll be asked some more questions about your business, continue on though and submit the information.
  4. Ignore the Payment Setup (skip this, we’ll do tit for you)
  5. Click on Account Setup to link your Paypal account with your bank. Once on this tab you’ll want to click the First, let’s confirm your email link. And then Link your bank account and finally Make your business name clear for customers.

All done!

paypalOnce someone buys from your online store with their PayPal account, it’ll be sent to your PayPal account instantly.
If you don’t use Paypal to buy things with your business, you can withdraw the money and deposit into your bank account. The way you move the money from Paypal to your bank account is to login to your Paypal account, and on the left, under the balance, click Withdraw Money. Once you do that, follow the directions and you’re all set. ? The money takes 2-3 business days to get into your bank account.