First let’s define conversion rates:  The percentage of how many people visited your site versus how many of them bought something. For example, 100 people came to your site today, 10 people bought something, your conversion today was 10%.

There are some important factors your site must have to help with conversion rates such as a one page check out, guest log-in, accept Paypal, the over all look and feel of your site. It basically boils down to, how easy is it for your potential customer to shop and buy? Do they feel confident buying from your website? Does it look inviting? Does it look up to date? Is it easy to navigate? Are you giving them what they need? These are questions you should be asking about your website.

One of the awesome unique features our BigCommerce Software  allows us to do for our clients is a quarterly audit report with suggested changes to help your conversion rate. For example, we notice that your site visitors are searching for Gerbers and shop directions, but your shop doesn’t have either of these, we know we need to add these two pages.

Here’s a question for you, a florist website ranks first in Google your area and you rank fifth. Who makes more money? Well you can’t answer that. Most would assume the florist ranking first, but what is there conversion rate? If they convert 1 out of every 500 hits, their conversion rate is pretty dismal.

So what do you think your conversion rate is? 20%? 40%? 50%? – If you’re doing REALLY good it’s 5%. That’s right 5% and that’s doing REALLY well. Just imagine if you could double your conversion rate. Look over your website and make some changes that I mentioned above and try to push your conversion rate up to make more money and happier customers.