Your online floral buyers can now send more than just a gift – they can send themselves.

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Byte Size Moments is a new technology that gives your customers a unique way to send video greeting cards with their flowers.

Every once in a while, an innovation captures the full potential of a market. Byte Size Moments combine the modern novelty of e-cards, the personalization of video messages, and the power of social media, turning an average flower delivery into a powerful moment. Epic is excited to be the first to introduce this new Byte Size Moments technology to the floral world!

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It’s what your customers want

With every generation, new technology changes communication in big ways. Relationships are no longer built with pen and paper, and every moment is now something that can be shared with friends and family. Despite the nay-sayers who would denounce modern communication, people are enjoying it. According to PsychCentral, over a billion users on Facebook are getting important social relationship-building moments from their online friends.

The key here is what’s missing. Users want something more intimate than the wall of text on these sites. What people want is a personal, private way to share their messages. And if their special moment is something they want to show friends, they want that little “share” button available.

Social Media Heroes

The key here is building personal, private moments with the option of social media sharing. Byte Size Moments achieves this with their unique approach. Your customer records his or her video message, sends it with the flower delivery, and then the recipient can respond to that message after receiving it. The best part about this is the florist’s logo and website embedded directly into the video. This allows everyone who watches and likes the video to know who was behind such a great idea. You become an instant social media hero – well done!

The new Love Letter

As we continue to advance the way we communicate in our relationships, it’s eventual that the video greeting card will become the new love letter. People enjoy sharing great moments online, so adopting Byte Size Moments will be the new word-of-mouth for florists who make it possible.

Remember, only a single one of these Moments needs to go viral to provide the epicFlorist with millions of impressions online. The business impact could be monumental.

To learn more about our technology partner, Byte Size Moments, check them out HERE.

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