In September, epicFlowers is welcoming a new addition to the epicTeam. Rachel Koning is an experienced copy writer, social media manager and event coordinator. Her new role here as Chief Happiness Manager includes customer service, blog writing, content creation, and making a few fun videos for us here and there.

Hello! I’m excited to join this fantastic crew in a handful of new roles, and looking forward to meeting all our epicFlorists, both virtually and in-person. Thank you for welcoming me to the epicTeam!

One of my principle missions will be checking in regularly with our epicFlorists to learn how your eCommerce site is working for you. Our epicTeam’s core values are innovation and excellent customer service, and I’ll be making myself available to facilitate communication between our clients and crew so that we may continue working to improve the online experiences of both our florists and their customers. We’re only happy when you are!


I'm here to help you reach your customers with content that is clear, welcoming, and effective.

I’ll also stay busy creating some new videos for our epicFlowers website (stay tuned) and copy writing for epicFlowers and our clients. For several years I’ve created website and promotional content for breweries, medical offices, spas and retailers, and I’m eager to add floral shops to the list. My goal is to convey your company’s brand voice through material to your customers that is compelling, engaging, and – in the end – leads them to a full cart and satisfied experience at checkout.

Lastly – and this is the fun part– our epicTeam thrives on a great company culture that values engagement, trust, and some awesome brainstorming sessions. I’m thrilled to join this motivated and charismatic group of people, and support our teamwork efforts through a few fun, new ideas for group gatherings. Mostly, I just want to see how these people do on ice skates and zip lines.

If you’d like to reach out, or have questions about how I can elevate your epicFlowers experience, please feel free to email me at

Rachel Koning

Rachel Koning

Chief Happiness Manager