We're excited to welcome the newest member to our Epic team, and our very first intern, Ezra Entenmann.

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Ezra comes to us with lots of enthusiasm and a drive to learn all about the ins and out of website development and design. We’ve partnered him with our tech department and he’s busy at the help desk and behind the scenes, jumping on new projects daily, giving support to our partners and clients, and keeping a smile on his face the whole time.

Here’s a bit from Ezra himself, on his new role at Epic, his background, and what he’s excited about diving into during his internship with us:


My name is Ezra Entenmann and I am the new intern for Epic. I am really excited to work with the great team here and all our amazing clients!

To start off, my goal is to help anyone who has questions or needs assistance with their website. I’m also excited about learning from the epicTeam, so that in the future I can assist our Epic family even more and help make your sites as innovative as possible.

In the past, I have worked in web-development and social media marketing for small businesses. Through this internship, I hope to gain mentorship and education so I can start making websites more intuitive and optimal for businesses of all sizes.

 I am honored that I have been granted this opportunity to work with the epicTeam and our awesome clients!

Ezra Entenmann

Epic Intern

If you have the opportunity to communicate with Ezra, we think you’ll find his positivity is contagious. As always, we work to cultivate a team at Epic that thrives on innovation, cooperation and excellent customer service, and we’re thrilled to welcome Ezra as a member of the crew!