conversion-rate-for-e-commerceThe conversion rate isn’t only about the user experience on the page. The price is also a factor as well as page load times, email marketing as well how well the consumer trusts and likes your brand.

So when people come to your site organically looking for a site to service them and collect their order via Google you might get a an order. Across the board retail on the internet is around 2.5% conversion rate. Meaning 2.5 people, out of 100 who came to your site bought something. BUT when it comes to an email marketing, your conversion SHOULD be higher. If it’s not, you’re doing something wrong.

So I wanted to point you two an online floral services you might know called….. proflowers and FTD. 🙂 These guys, I bet, not only send emails out, but targeted one, all florists should be doing this too.

Look what PF and FTD was converting at almost 3 years ago:

I remember discussing with some on florists about Proflowers a few years back. They said Proflowers would slowly go out of business, I said no, pay attention because they’re going to get bigger.

Speaking of conversion rates…. what is your store conversion? How many people buy that come into your store? I bet it’s A LOT higher than your online business.  I still believe if florists want to get serious online you HAVE to think of your online site as a second business model that is a service that collects orders that funnels them to your B&M retail shop.