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I’m done taking orders, how do I turn my site off?
How do I check my orders via an Android App?
TIP #1
Front page product display
Showcase a product on your front page: Login and under the Products Tab, click View Products. Find your product and on the far right click the star, like in the image above.
How do I turn on/off Products & Categories?
How do I check my orders via an iPhone App?
TIP #2

New Paypal Auto Return
Checkout our easy to use guide on how Paypal can redirect your customer back to your site after they’ve used their service. [ LINK ]
How do I change the prices of my products in bulk?
Where can I find the best online floral magazine?
TIP #3

Your Banner’s Call to Action
When making your banners, be sure to add a CTA (call to action), like Click to Buy! This CTA needs to be VERY visible. Don’t make the font/button colors close to the background color.

TIP #4

Merchandising Your Front Page to Maximize Your Profit!
Maximize your Profit:
First, log in, and under the Analytics tab, click Order. After the page has loaded, click the Orders by Revenue tab. Set the date rage in the drop down to All Time and click GO.

Notice the top price range where most of your orders are selling. Make sure the majority of your front page products are not lower than this range. You can sprinkle in a couple of lower products and a couple of REALLY high ones during a holiday. Be brave, throw in a few that are $150 or higher.

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