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Greg Owner of The Dancing Dandelion Flower Shop (702) 260-4809

Just wanted to say that this website is really working out great. With this pricing structure our average order is around $80. Much more than it used to be and somehow we are getting orders with no help from Google.Thank you for our awesome new website. It is better in every way than our old “wire service” website. It’s truly built to sell flowers and the plug-ins available add great functionality and finally we can service our customers the way we have always wanted!


Suzanne Wade Owner of Second Street Seasonals (775) 623-3456

Today we received an order for a $125 gourmet basket. Now the catch on this was it was from a company in NYC to a gal in Ridgewood NJ. I’m in Nevada! At first I thought it might be fraud. I googled the company and they were legit. Then I noticed I had a phone message. It was from the company. They wanted to change the card message. I called them and when I had the corrected info I asked how they found us. She said she was googling for gift baskets and really liked our website. Now that is some SEO! She says I know you’ll use TF or someone, but I just liked your site.



Sher Tannozinni Owner of Flowers From the Rainflorist (954) 741-8900

“After changing my website over to epicFlowers I have seen a growth in sales, my conversion rate is up over 80% and my customer base has increased by approximately 10%. This is in less than 35 days. I have also experienced an average order increase of $ 15.00. The service and communication with Epic staff is outstanding and the response time is rapid.

You can truly tell that this is a company that has the client’s interests in mind in everything that they do! Each week there is another new tweak added that makes the service even more current. Having the ability to make changes to prices at will, offer a daily special, send my emails rapidly, change out a banner, communicate with my clients, upload new pictures…all of these are just so easy. Being able to make orders from mobile phones has thrilled my younger clients and everyone has a compliment about the ease of navigation on the new site. Having the security of payment in several forms is a plus and kudos to Big Commerce.

More importantly, the owner, Brandon Kirkland comes from a family of florists so he is aware of the needs of Real Florists. His Epic Staff is responsive to my needs and makes changes in a timely manner and they all have awesome communication skills. I trust them to advise me on what works and what doesn’t with SEO. In making the transition, I never skipped a beat thanks to the excellent SEO provided by Duane .
This is a remarkable company and my only regret is taking so long to make the change.
Rock On RealTime Flowers and Epic staff…you do Rock!”




Dianne Richardson-Conda, Owner of Richardson’s Flowers. (609)-654-4511

“Thank you for creating my extraordinary new website. Not just another pretty florist’s website…the site is beautiful, functional and very user friendly. My website has generated a new image of my flower shop that has significantly increased our e-commerce sales. With it’s fresh look, elegant banners, exquisite images, easy to navigate and use ordering pages, customers find ordering online to be a breeze on our secure site.

You truly care about your client’s business and you offer concrete advice and support when needed. You differentiate yourself not only technically, but in your ability to communicate practical, useful and inspiring advice. Thank you for being so generous with your time in explaining all aspects of creating my website and at the same time, being so intent on creating the site I envisioned.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend you to florists large and small because your service truly does deliver much more than just a pretty website. Your attention to detail has resulted in an outstanding and very professional, affordable website. You combine your good eye for detail with initiative and a unique flair for design. You have exceeded all of my expectations with exceptional customer service and a top notch final product. You were able to capture the essence of my shop’s individuality and “paint” Richardson’s Flowers image online. You truly are a “floral tech visionary!”



Dick Lindskoog, Owner of Lindskoog’s Florist. (612)-333-5357

“”I looked at all the floral websites I could find and then chose Epic. I feel that it is the best looking, most progressive and was the best value of all sites I looked at. Brandon and his team lived up to everything he said and even more. I am excited to see how well his SEO program will work! ”



Connie, Owner of The Treehouse Florist

“Several times in your life, a chance meeting turns into a beautiful thing. For me, Brandon and Epic Flowers was one of those chances and now I have a beautiful website. I’ve never worked with a more laid back, yet buttoned up guy. He listens, understands (because he’s a florist too) and has the talent to put it all together for you. The software is easy to learn, use and I am in complete control. The features and prices are incredible.”



Duane, Owner of Dragonfly Flowers

“Epic Flowers brings a fresh and exciting approach to fully independent Florist eCommerce. Their integration with a proven and growing provider in Big Commerce made our decision a no brainer. Continual updates and upgrades, truly SEO friendly and easy to use interface, and of course superior “Florist Specific” support through Epic Flowers will quickly make Epic Flowers the most sought after Independent Florist eCommerce Solution.”



Cathie, Owner of the Natural Nook Florist

“Brandon is so easy to work with and he can explain things to you in a way even I can understand. I have had a lot of compliments on my new website. He rocks.”



Leslie, Owner of Enchanted Florist

“We’ve tripled our online sales now that we moved from our BBrooks order form to a real shopping cart!”



Adam, Owner of Belvedere Flowers

“I love my wedding blog website. Brandon was really easy to work with. Epic Flowers rocks!”

“Brandon is an amazing human being, and has been working his ass off for me the last month or so! I am so impressed with his passion for making awesome florist websites, and how much attention he gives you in the process. I have gotten more customer service in one hour with Brandon than I have had with any other company I have ever dealt with! He really is for real!”



Jonathon, Owner of Expressions in Bloom

“Brandon was awesome to work with, artistic, meticulous, great attention to my wants and needs, and has a great product with great enthusiasm for promoting it. He’s creating some of the very finest flower sites on the web. And believe me – I’ve researched and looked at many many many floral sites. The available competition pales in comparison.”



Lori Gabelman aifd, Owner of A Wildflower

“Brandon’s knowledge of technology combined with an understanding of the floral industry is an amazing asset. I tried for years to find someone like him. He is a exceptional at what he does.”



Steve Sorrell, Owner of House of Flowers

“Brandon and Epic Flowers, together with Big Commerce, is a great team that has provided me with the absolute best e-commerce site available. From beginning to end, the building of my new site was effortless on my part. Every single thing that I wished for in my site was implemented and the site looks great! I couldn’t be any happier! And talk about results…before the site had fully propagated across the web, I was already receiving orders! Now THAT is a site that works for me!