The epicToolbox is a set of tools that integrates with your BigCommerce store. It helps your website convert higher sales, it gives you more control to communicate with your site viewers and the epicToolbox gives you control over your delivery calendar and daily cut off times. By using the epicToolbox you agree to our Terms and Conditions (last updated 3-13-16)


Calendar Control  Block unwanted holidays, days of the week, custom dates and set daily cut off times in real time.

Active Bar Instantly add any type of communication to the top of your site in case of an emergency, special sale or general message.

Urgency Clock Get viewers to convert by setting an urgency clock whether it’s same day delivery or shipping the product through FedEx, UPS, etc…

Pop Out Coupon Lower your bounce rate and offer a coupon just before the website viewer leaves.

Product Merchandising  Have full control on your category pages to place your top sellers in key positions towards the top of each page.



Read First! Block unwanted holidays, days of the week, custom dates and set daily cut off times in real time. Be sure to save after you’ve made your changes.









Read First! Do you need to communicate quickly with your viewers? The active bar is the best way to do this. You can change the color and text to what you want it to.







Read First! Give your viewers a since of urgency to buy by adding a count down clock to your daily cut-off time. Feel free to change the color and text BUT DO NOT erase the X. The X defines where our code places the countdown timer.







Read First! Feel free to add your own text and change the coupon’s color. Be sure to create the coupon on your website before setting this coupon live. You can turn your coupon on or off, while people leave the home page, cart page and checkout page. Just make sure you click the toggle to turn on or off.