What’s Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy?

Our goal at Epic is to create the best floral websites in the world! We also want to be a one-stop shop for those in the floral industry regarding all things marketing. So we partnered with Marketing 360, one of the top, most trusted online marketing brands in the United States.

Below are only three of our case studies that we’d like to share with you: Rose and Blossom Florist, George’s Flowers and Welkes Florist.

*Quick tip* You do NOT have to have an Epic website to enjoy this service, just contact us and we’ll set you up with a free demo and quote.

Online Sales Up 59% So Far This Year Compared to Last Year!


Notice the total revenue, $36k, BEFORE using our partner’s Search Engine Marketing services.


Now check out the total revenue, $61k, AFTER using our partner’s Search Engine Marketing services.

Online sales up over 33% in the first year!

“In the time we’ve been using Marketing 360, we’ve experienced an overall sales increase of 33.2% over the same time frame from the previous year. We have also received 580 more web orders than the previous year representing a 23.3% increase. Our average sale has increased by $3.12 to $87.97.

These stats aside, I love dashboard they provide us which shows where our money is being spent and the results we’re getting from each expenditure. They also update us regularly and let us know when they feel we need to spend more money in a given month and why.” – Doug Lindamood, George’s Flowers


Check out the Welke's Florist infographic Below - 11% Conversion Rate!

“I was hesitant about partnering with Marketing 360 but very glad we did! It has been a very crucial part of our business success.”  – Nikki Lemler, Welkes Florist



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