There are 100s of web sites on the internet that compete against your brick and mortar shop who aren’t florists. In the spirit of helping florists educate their customers about real florists vs ones that claim to be a brick and mortar florist, epicFlowers has created a badge for any brick and mortar florist to put on their web site.

-Get Certified as a real florist on your site-

To get the ‘Real Florist Certified’ badge for your web site that links you to our certification page, all you need to do is contact us and prove you’re a real brick and mortar florist. It’s free and you don’t have to have an epicFlowers web site.

Webpage Sample Badge:

Real Time Flowers Inc. regulates this certification and to protect the interests of the floral industry and those who have been granted the permission to use our logo. With online image recognition search and the analytics of those who click through to this page, we will find out if you’re using this certification illegally and the proper authorities will be contacted. Only retail florists have the permission to use our ‘Real Florist Certified’ logo and the code that links them to this certification page.

-OGs and dOGs explained-

OG = A business who gathers floral orders online as a service, then uses a middleman such as FTD or Teleflora to wire out to their members to provide the end product.

dOG= A business who gathers floral orders online as a service, deceitfully and then uses a middleman such as FTD and Teleflora to wire out to their members to provide the end product.

The term OG has been defined to most florists as evil, but this isn’t always correct. There are several retail florists who are OGs and honest about it. Their online customer just enjoys the service and knows they are not a florist located in the city they are sending the flowers to. These florists have decided to compete against the dOGs and large corporations who compete against retail florists. They decided to be active and not reactive. More money in retail florists’ pockets and less in the non brick and mortar online services is good!

Your website is your second store and has a different business model than your retail store. It has a different customer base, marketing plan, selling technique and retail florists need to know this and pay attention if they want to capitalize on this additional store in the future. It’s better to act and not react to compete online. is set up to go head to head with all your competition and has a long term plan to compete directly with all d/OGs in a way they’ll never be able to compete with brick and mortar florists.

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