Point of Sales that integrate with our company:
The Floral POS, MAS*, RTI, Mercury*, and Floristware

Integrating a POS (point of sale) with a Big Commerce store front saves time and money. Often, POS order information is exported to a custom system or something more popular like Quickbooks, so it is especially important to make sure all current online orders are in the POS.

Integration is included with epicFlower’s Setup
*POS companies may charge their own fees for integration on their end of the process.

This includes 1 POS integration of the current BC API with the current version of the customer’s POS.

This integration includes email support for the lifetime of the BC API version. This support does not apply to the POS.



pos-registerEvery 5 minutes, POS orders are synced with orders in your epicFlowers / Big Commerce store front. Emailed orders can be provided as XML, JSON, or any Plain Text format. All orders are logged in email, such as Gmail.

If there is a question about data for a particular order, that order can be retrieved and examined.

If a POS requires additional order fields – beyond those provided by Big Commerce – that can be accommodated.

To get started, we need to make sure the POS you use can retrieve orders via email. Once documentation for this has been provided, we will need a technical contact for your POS vendor.

Within one week of setting up your Big Commerce store front, your POS will be integrated with your epicFlowers/Big Commerce store.