pinterest-for-floristsPinterest is a visually compelling social media network. It is a great way to share and discover new interests and ideas, but it is also an effective marketing tool for businesses, especially online florist websites. At first glance it may seem like an unusual marketing tool, but used correctly, it can help entice your customers and make your business more personable.

We all know that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for customer interaction and discussion, but studies show that Pinterest creates a higher number of ‘Buyers’ who will spend more money, more often than users from other social media outlets. That explains why it’s becoming so popular! Not only can using Pinterest help create loyal fans of your company, it creates BUYERS!


Pinterest is great for ecommerce, because the Pinterest environment is all about sharing what’s new and popular. Unlike Facebook, where sharing happens mostly between personal friends and family, Pinterest is a product-driven and image-driven environment, where branding is accepted and expected. Pinners don’t feel like they are being spammed when a retailer pins about their products. So when you’re pinning about a special on Mother’s Day Flowers, pinners are less likely to ignore your post and may even be more willing to re-pin and share it. 

When showcasing your products and driving commerce, you can’t beat Pinterest, due to it’s focus on compelling visuals. By using high quality images of your products, such as floral arrangements, pinners are more intrigued. (A pin, like the one to the right is a great example of a compelling visual that is sure to attract followers.) It’s also a great place to showcase your wedding flowers. Pinterest has a category just for Weddings. Creating a wedding board packed with visuals and information is a smart way to funnel high quality traffic to your floral ecommerce website and blog. Pinterest is a great marketing tool for both captivating an audience and attracting them to your products.

Utilizing a business Pinterest account properly can also greatly increase traffic to your website. Shareaholic  noted that last year, Pinterest drove more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. So start pinning! By pinning your pages, blog posts, products, etc. you are creating links to your website. These links may turn into referrals, which may turn into leads and to new long-lasting customers. If you don’t already have a Pinterest business account, create one by clicking here.

Pinterest is great because it allows you to create a personality for your business. You can create various boards about various topics that are relevant to your business. These boards can be used to pin ideas and articles for educating and entertaining your customers or enticing them with offers, promos and discounts. By making each board about a specific topic, you attract consumers in your niche, who are more engaged in the topics relevant to your business. Your company will gain recognition and tell consumers you are trustworthy and interested in your customer’s needs.

Take advantage of this new way of marketing and start pinning!