What is your current email marketing strategy?

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Is it a weekly or monthly newsletter to a handful of email addresses on your list?

Well, forget everything you know about email marketing, because there’s a better way to send customized, relevant, and effective messages to your customers’ inboxes.

With epicBloom, you send personalized, segmented messages to your customers that they actually want to see. No more mass emails; no more low open and click rates. It’s time to start increasing conversions to your website, and start making you money.

Here’s how it works:

Our email marketing specialists work with you create trigger marketing campaigns for customers who are already using your site. The software tracks behaviors and data, and takes action to give your customers the content that means the most to them. Did someone leave their online cart with items? epicBloom sends a personalized abandoned cart reminder. Have a customer who purchases lilies every Mother’s Day? Send a targeted email about lily specials in early May, with a reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

Mass email marketing is a thing of the past, and targeted email re-marketing with epicBloom is the next step to boosting your sales and creating loyal customers who feel connected to your business.

Take Amazon for example: they focus on targeted, individualized email marketing to drive sales. Do they send a general deal on fishing gear to someone who just purchased a wireless speaker? No. Amazon keeps track of their customers’ carts and website activity, and sends information that speaks to their unique interests and purchasing behaviors.

Interested in weaving epicBloom into your business strategy? Now is the time to jump on board with this brand new feature, and start making money for your business like never before. And if you have questions about how it works, just ask us. We’re ready to help you take your email marketing strategy to the next level.

You betcha, I want to jump on the epicBloom train!