Flower farmers are the coolest farmers in the world. I spent some time with the good people of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers last week at a Northwest regional meet-up. I got to talk to them about an idea I had linking these small/medium sized farms direct to florists.

The response I got wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but am so glad I heard it.Most small farmers do not have the quantity to ship because they’re local florists/markets keep them busy enough. I urge all florists to buy local for five reasons: 1. The cost is better 2. The flowers direct from the farm are fresher and will last longer 3. You have more control/flexibility 4. You know they weren’t sprayed with DDT or other harmful chemicals and 5. When you spend local, the money stays local building a more thriving local economy.

But needless to say, I had a blast talking to small floral farmers and was asked to talk at next years national conference in Seattle on technology specific to the floral industry. Woooohoooo! it’s going to be so cool!

I’m so excited to let you know epicFlowers was mentioned in the CapitalPress, you can see the article HERE.