Instant Apps are coming soon.
What could change about mobile shopping?

Android Instant Apps

Today we are expanding our coverage of  Google I/O, and the announcement of Android Instant Apps.
Google I/O is an event that features highly technical, in-depth sessions focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Chrome, and more.

Android Instant Apps are a new technology coming to the Android Mobile platform. It will allow users to load small, specific, portions of larger apps. This could be a game changer, and as always, epicFlowers will be the first to support solutions for cutting edge technology in the floral world.
If you missed the Instant Apps announcement, you should watch it here.

Whats an Instant App?

As stated above, Instant Apps will allow users to access an app on their phone in small portions, instead of having to download the whole app. So why is this such a big deal? Some of the big reasons most e-commerce stores, including florists, don’t have their own app comes down to their customers not wanting another native app installed.

Most e-commerce customers don’t see the need to have an app to purchase from a single business because they don’t have a need to buy from that business daily. The customer is willing to spend a frustrating amount of time filling out checkout forms and payment info because they don’t want another app on their phone. To them, it would take longer to download the app and learn their way around it, than to simply use the mobile website. Google Instant Apps changes this.

User’s like native apps.

Most mobile phone users like the feature rich nature of an installed native apps. There are a lot of things their phone can do that a mobile website just can’t. In the shopping world, this includes things like accurate GPS locations and secure payment through their phones payment profiles (On Android its called Android Pay). They also get to enjoy faster loading times and response rates. There are a lot of good things about native apps that make them better than mobile websites. Instant Apps aims to bridge the gap between feature rich native apps, and the instant accessibility of mobile websites.

A deeper look into instant apps.

So lets take a deeper look into what Instant Apps does, and why it is such a powerful solution.

Right now, mobile users have two kinds of experiences. They have mobile websites that they can visit by clicking any link or typing in a URL into their preferred web browser. Then they have mobiles, which can be used if they already have them installed. Mobile apps are faster and have more features than mobile websites, but because they are stored on the users phone, its as if they have to download every page of you website, all at once, before they can even view the home page.

What Google’s Android Instant Apps does, is similar to how web pages work. Once you build the app with this new technology, you will be able to serve pages or “screens” of your app one at a time to the user. This gives the user the power of the native app with the accessibility of the website. Revolutionary.

So how does this affect you, noble store owner?

Right now you have your desktop e-commerce site, and it’s counterpart, the mobile site. If you are an epicFlorist, this means to have a powerful responsive website accessible instantly on any device. It is consistent, user friendly, and available to any customer, any time, anywhere.

What you don’t have is an app. Why would you? Until now, you users didn’t want an app. They wanted to come to your site once, twice, maybe a half dozen times a year. They wanted to find what they want, add to cart, checkout, and move on. But the future is coming, and times are a-changin.

Like mobile websites now, which were expensive and rare not long ago, mobile apps will become the new standard. Users will expect to be able to use all of their phones features to get in and check out as fast and streamlined as possible. The goal is to be ahead of the game and to not fall behind the big corporate websites who will surly leverage this new tech.

Now is the time to start paying attention to other shopping apps like amazon, and to keep a close eye on the instant apps announcements. When this technology hits the market, you will enjoy being partnered with the most cutting edge florist website team in the world.