Did you know with an epicFlowers site you can see what people are searching for within your website, and then use that to your advantage to improve conversion rates?

Knowing what your customers want – and better yet, what their behaviors are – is critical to your success as an eCommerce merchant, leading to higher conversion rates for your store, and more satisfied and repeat customers. See the spreadsheet below and get an idea of what customers are searching for on our top 15 shops.

in-search terms

Try the In-Store Search feature on your Epic site

How does epicFlowers help you do this? We have a feature called In-Store Search that tracks the top 10 search terms that are NOT found when people search on your site. Terms such as “lilies,” “prom,” “peonies,” “tulip,” and “corsages” are some of the most popular not being found on sites. It also tracks the most popular search terms, and the ones most often found.

Armed with this info, you can (or have us with our epic assistant service) make sure items containing those oft-sought search terms are front-and-center on your site. Give them what they want, and watch your conversions rise.

This insight to customer browser behavior is essential for a healthy, growing eCommerce site. This is another epic Feature that sets us apart from our competitors.

Contact us for more information on how to use this built-in feature that comes with every epic site.