The goTime Tool Box is a set of tools that integrates with BigCommerce stores. It helps stores convert higher, add to their customer lifetime value and offers consumers a better buying experience.

  • Alert Bar! – Instantly add any type of communication to your site in case of an emergency, special sale or general message. 

  • Calendar Control – Control blocked dates and cut off times for same day deliveries. 

  • goTime Mobi – Have full control over your mobile landing page and offer coupons, menus, click to call and a lot more. 

  •  Pop Out Coupon – Lower your bounce rate and offer a coupon just before the website viewer leaves.  

  • Urgency Clock – Get viewers to convert by setting an urgency clock whether it’s same day delivery or shipping the product through FedEx, UPS, etc…  


Coming in the future for the GoTime Tool Box:

– Customize email inserts (this allows any store owner to add email inserts into their BC emails easily)


– In store Analytic readings that return suggestions to the store owner. For example, 61% of the store owner’s customers are searching for Gerbera Daisies on their site… so we send alerts and suggest products with Gerbera Daisies in it to be featured on the front page. We can find other missing pieces such as merchandising holes. For example, if the average sale is $100 and all your featured products on the front page are lower than that, we will alert you.


-More real time marketing features serving up relevant content to the individual. So if we know customerX buys roses a lot, why are they seeing the default buy tulips banner? If they’re in Alaska, and we know this from their IP, why doesn’t that store use that to their advantage? We will help you do just that! We will look at customers’ buying history, Geo location, and even movement on the page to serve them up with what they don’t know that they need. If customerX’s average sale is $150, then why are we serving him a banner that says roses, $19.99 a dozen?


-According to, 99% of customers expect to be served products that pertain to them, so why aren’t you?