We’re a good fit for your business if:
You understand that you need to have strong online marketing to be successful and you are ready to be partners in building a powerful, long lasting, online presence.

We’re not a good fit for your business if:
You think online marketing isn’t important and you believe your website is finished when the project is over.

We believe you should have the world’s best floral eCommerce website that is easy to use and great customer service.
Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreement Definitions

Email Support: Reach out to our support team by email any time at support@epicshops.com

Phone Support:
Set up a one-on-one support call with our team of experts. You can also call in for service on demand

Video Support:
 Our team will record you custom video answers, walk-throughs, and guides on any support subject.

Access to epicUniversity:
Get access to our one of a kind knowledge base and training suite. Learn how to do anything the professionals do, step-by-step.

Bug Fixes:
The ultimate code warranty, all support agreements come with the assurance that we will fix any bug you find in any work that we’ve done.

Platform Training:
Get quick answers to your questions from the team that knows your site the best. Our team will supply you with videos, calls, or epicUniversity links to get your question answered.

Automated Seasonal Banner Updates:
Stop worrying about the your home page with this unique service. Our team will activate the proper seasonal banner and matching product categories on your site each month for you. (Art must be provided in advance, dimensions can be found at epicflowers.com/art)

Design Work:
This time can be spent doing anything visual to the front of your site, such as updating navigation, changing images on pages, or changing text/copy on existing pages.

Development Changes:
This time can be spent on more advanced things, such as template/HTML changes, Javascript, 3rd party code implementations, and more.

My order amounts are really up. A lot of $100 plus orders. Also noticing a lot more people calling me for big events.  Very happy with the website !!!

– Buffie Reuther, Dragonfly Flowers

My website is operating at a 12% conversion rate today. That’s the best it has ever done. My overall 30 day total is 7.7% which is still much higher than in the past!

– Brennen Rigler, Albuquerque Florist

Love the new website Just wanted to say, I love the new look of your website and it is very user friendly. I do enjoy calling in a speaking to the staff at York, but this new site makes it so much easier for me when making orders.

– Customer, York Flowers