bloom-logoReady to raise your email click-through rates by 600%?

Forget everything you know about email marketing, because now there’s a better way. It’s time to send personalized emails that your customers actually want to see. Other email software is for sending emails; Epic’s automated and customized email re-marketing service, epicBloom, is for making money.

Are you tired of sending out batch emails to all of your customers and getting poor conversion rates?

Quit bugging your customers with emails they don’t find valuable, and start sending them emails that actually speak to their wants and needs.


You get:

  • 50 Automated marketing campaigns along with the copy writing and art work
  • Product recommendations
  • Dynamic coupons
  • 1 to 1 customer segmentation
  • Analytics, guidance, and support
  • Increased customer engagement and lifetime value
  • Better ROI of your time/money and more sales!


– frequently asked questions –

Will epicBloom automate birthday reminder emails?


Yes, easily. Birthdays, Anniversaries and other yearly events – we’ll make sure personalized emails goes out to all of them, without customers even having to sign up to be reminded.

Will epicBloom automatically pull in all my past customers and their order info?


Absolutely!  It’s possible that your first emails will go out the very same day.

If I have an email list on Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc., can I move them over to epicBloom?


epicBloom is unique, and something you’ve probably never seen before. It is an email re-marketing tool, and only works when the system has gathered data on each customer who has bought from you online. It keeps track of when a customer bought online, what they bought online and how much they spent. With that said, it can be done. We highly recommended you don’t, however, since the core service (knowing the data on the customer) will not work.

How long does it take for epicBloom to be set up?


One to two weeks to be up and fully functional.

Will I be able to create email campaigns, too?


Yes! For example, if you have a special email that needs to go out announcing your Christmas open house, you can absolutely do that.

Will epicBloom raise my email click through rates, and how will it raise them?


The average email click through rate is roughly 2.5%. With email re-marketing, like epicBloom, you will experience a 15% click through rate, which is a 600%+  increase.

Will I have access to see how the campaigns are doing?


You sure will. We’ll create a manager login and password so you can login and view your analytics at any time.

Can I send my own newsletters, like I do with my current email marketing provider?


For sure. And, best of all, you can segment the newsletter to go out only to the customers you want. Let’s say you want to send a newsletter to only the people who ordered tulips last year and spent over $75 – you can easily do that.

If I have already use an email service such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.. should I get rid of it?


This is up to you. The only customers who will be brought into epicBloom are those on your current eCommerce website, since those are the ones we have vital data on. These are the ones who will raise your conversion rate and customer lifetime value. If your current email marketing software has, for example, 5,000 customers and your eCommerce website has 2,000, then maybe you should keep both until you get closer to the 5,000. Some business might want to “clean house” and just use the emails that they have on their current website, which is fine too. The answer is up to you, but the way you’re currently doing email marketing is leaving a lot of money on the table and customers might not be coming back.




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