We’re excited to announce our latest Epic partnership with Remarkety, an email marketing service that allows businesses to deliver smart, targeted and effective messages to customers like never before.

Traditional email marketing is a thing of the past – with Remarkety’s service, you have the power to resell to your existing customers by sending messages to their inbox they actually want to read!

We’ve teamed up with Remarkety to provide Epic’s latest service, epicBloom. Our project managers onboard new Remarkety clients and optimize campaign strategies, while our marketing experts help businesses create effective copy (including subject lines, body text and CTAs) for every setup campaign. With epicBloom, we also offer ongoing monthly management to help businesses decide which highly-personalized messages to deliver to each unique customer segment, and how to best deliver them. With dynamic customization, we can target customers based on actions such as purchase amounts, location, email open rates, rewards points, previous order dates, and so much more.

Personalized marketing doesn’t have to take more of your time - Remarkety’s automated system lets you sit back, relax, and watch your store sales climb to new heights.

Using Remarkety’s elaborate system full of awesome analytics, our epicBloom team makes recommendations, offers A/B testing, adjusts campaign delivery, and dives deep into your account insights to continue delivering real results. We manage the complete set-up process, so your business can start getting the most from Remarkety’s email marketing service right away.

Ready to start experiencing innovative and highly effective email marketing that drives online sales like never before? With epicBloom, we’ll help you maximize the value of every customer by engaging them and building long-term relationships that automatically boost your sales. Smarter emails, for smarter business.

Get started with Remarkety and epicBloom today!