epicReminder serviceepic reminder emailepicReminders allows your customers to easily and quickly sign up for birthday and anniversary reminders. Once signed up, they will be emailed a reminder the following year and years after. This way, a customer can no longer forget the birthday or other important date of a friend or loved one.

Not only does this service remind the customer to purchase a gift for a special occasion, but to return to YOUR store and purchase that gift. This way, you keep customers continuously coming back! epicReminders shows the customer that you care. This service encourages customer loyalty while raising your sales and conversions.

The best part is, you don’t have to do anything! We do the work for you. epicReminders is a powerful tool that leaves you with time to spare. You don’t have to send detailed, personal emails to each customer, because who has time for that?

For only $99 to set up the epicReminder service and $99 a year, you can provide your customers with an automated personal service that builds an active loyal customer base, retains those customers, increases sales and conversions, and most importantly, shows your customers that you care about their needs.

You and your customers can’t go wrong with epicReminders.

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