epicEmails templateepicEmails is a fantastic email marketing service that allows you to keep in touch with your customers. Whether you’re sending a newsletter email to a few loyal clients or a marketing promotion to a thousand, epicFlowers makes it easy! We customize an email layout for you, send it when you want it sent and give you the reports. We take the work out of email campaigns. For an easy setup fee of $199 you can be on your way to higher sales and conversions.

For only $99 per email layout, you can more easily reach your customer base with the click of a button! Your customers can be up-to-date on sales, promotions, special events, etc. EpicEmails encourages customers to return to your site as well as make referrals. This is a great service, especially during the hoildays.

Not only do we create and send the emails for you, but we send you the reports as well. You can track customers and conversions, find out which customers open your emails and who returns for more!

EpicEmails gives you all the benefits of an email marketing campaign without the hassle!

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