While our competition is still trying to figure out how to integrate Pinterest to their client’s websites, we’re playing in the big leagues.  For example, on the marketing side, epicFlorists have access to a Traffic Engine, which is a step-by-step marketing wizard available in the Bigcommerce control panel (under the Marketing menu). It takes you by the hand and walks you through a series of marketing tasks that help get you ranked in the search engines and start driving shoppers to your store. If you can invest 15 minutes a day, then you’ll start driving more shoppers to your site in no time.

My goal when creating epicFlowers was to give my epicFlorists the power that even companies like 1800flowers doesn’t have.  The one thing that makes us different is we have partnered with BigCommerce, one of the largest eCommerce platforms int he world.  We’re proud to be a premium partner (15 perfect reviews!) and while our competition might have 1 software engineer, epicFlorists have over 70. If you’re NOT moving forward, you’re moving backwards.

Rank highly in search engines with your own blog

Blog text editor

One of the most requested features (and rightfully so) by our clients is blogging. We’ve scrapped our news items feature and have replaced it with blogging. It’s quick to create posts that are automatically optimized for search engines. Your visitors can comment on each post and easily share them across the various social networks. Building a content-rich blog that ranks in search engines is one of the smartest ways to continuously drive free traffic to your store.

Get even more out of your Epic Site with Single Click Apps

Single Click App Store

Gone are the days of managing a multitude of sites and logins to integrate different apps with your Bigcommerce store. Our new Single Click App Store makes it easy to integrate your Bigcommerce store with the other software you already use to run your business. From marketing to store management to shipping to analytics — there are dozens of apps to choose from, both free and paid.

Manage your store anywhere, on Android or iOS devices

Bigcommerce Mobile Apps

Our beautiful mobile apps for Android, iOS and mobile browsers allow you to receive new order notifications and manage your store on the go. You can update product details (including photos, inventory and prices), contact customers and much, much more.

Drive more visitors to your store with Traffic Engine(this is really cool)

Traffic Engine

A first for e-commerce, Traffic Engine is a simple marketing wizard that will take you by the hand and help you complete various marketing tasks to set your store up for success and help you start getting orders. First you set the goals you want for your store. Then the Traffic Engine wizard will walk you through the necessary steps to achieve your goals — from email marketing to social media, search engine optimization, advertising and more.

Learn how to sell (a lot) more with the Bigcommerce University

Bigcommerce University

As part of our mission to empower online merchants to sell more, we’ve developed Bigcommerce University. This series of in-depth marketing videos (hosted by Katey and James from our Success Squad) will teach you the secrets to building a successful online store and rapidly growing your sales using proven marketing strategies and the best ideas from thousands of our successful clients.

Improve credibility and sell more with Google Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Stores

In keeping with our mission of helping you sell more, we’ve integrated Google Trusted Stores for our high volume merchants. The benefits of having a Google Trusted Stores badge on your site can be huge: increasing your credibility with shoppers ultimately leads to more sales. But the process isn’t easy — it requires merchants to add code to their site and submit feeds on shipping and cancellations.