The function is in the name. This service sends emails that are triggered by consumer behavior, sending emails automatically based on when and what people purchase. This means that when a customer buys a product from the “Birthday” or “Anniversary” category, you can now conveniently and automatically remind them of that purchase next year. This encourages customers to return to your site again and again.

Lets say customer Mary Jane bought a birthday bouquet on June 10th of 2012. This email service will take that information and send an email next year, on June 1st 2013. The email will highlight specials and discounts on birthday items for your store. This reminds Mary Jane about the gift she bought the previous year and entices her to return to buy more. These “smart” emails target the customer’s needs so the emails hold special value, which converts emails into sales.

This service can also send out email offers and reminders based on dates, such as holidays and seasons. Maybe you would like to know Mary Jane’s thoughts on her experience shopping with your store. This triggered email marketing service includes clever review surveys. If Mary Jane rates your store highly she will be given the chance to provide positive feedback with a (Google, Yelp, Yahoo, etc) review. If she does not not rate highly she will be sent to a “Thank You” page instead. This encourages loyal customers to spread the word about your store. This “word of mouth” marketing is very powerful and can increase conversion rates and sales.For only $89/month you can send these “smart” emails, tailored to your customers wants and needs. You can send automatic emails, remind customers of previous purchases and encourage them to highly rate your store. 

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