Take back your online partnership and kick the middleman to the curb.
epicFlowers presents a brand new revenue model for the floral industry!
How it Works

A florist buys and continues to pay for a co-branded website through epicFlowers.

The website is branded with the funeral home’s logo and information.

All orders are sent to the florist to fill and the florist sends the funeral home a percentage of the money earned each month.

See our video for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Most asked question: Our funeral home is managed by a third party company, can this still work for florists?
Yes it can. Third party companies who manage the funeral homes’ websites such as Batesville,  etc.. will allow the funeral home to point their ‘Buy Flowers’ link to the new co-op website. BUT if the funeral home website is is built by Consolidated Funeral Services, for example, which makes their money on the floral sales, it is not possible right now.
What if I have a website already from a different company, does this interfere?
No, because it’s a whole NEW business idea called a co-op floral website. Keep your Teleflora, FTD, Strider, Gravity Free, Flowershop Network, Floranext, BloomNation, etc… website, this is totally different and a brand new revenue stream for your shop.
Is there something I can show my local funeral director on how this works?
There sure is, CLICK HERE to download a handout and CLICK HERE to download information on this webpage. If you would like, we can schedule a conference call with you and the funeral home to help with any questions that might come up that you are unsure about.
Who buys the website URL (address)?
The florist buys the website and it usually has the funeral home’s name in it with the word ‘flowers’ and maybe even the word ‘funeral’. For example, www.PortlandOregonFuneralFlowers.com
We do a lot of work at our local hospital, can we have a hospital co-op website?
For sure! Any business to business co-op that you can think of that helps you make more money online, we’re here to help.
How does the whole order process work?
Once an order comes in, a copy is emailed to your shop and the funeral home. We are working on a service that allows both parties to log in to quickly see totals and the amount the florist owes the funeral home at the end of each month.
Can the orders be brought into my Point of Sale?
Yes! The POS we integrate with so far is: Floristware, The Floral POS, Mercury and RTI.
Do you offer exclusivity in our area?
Yes. The price depends on how much area you want to cover. Contact us for details.
How are credit cards processed?
Because we’re 100% PCI compliance protecting you and your customer all credit cards are processed online. We use Payleap/Authorized.net.  If you do not have an authorized.net account you’ll need one, they’re roughly $20 a month. We’ll help you set all of this up. If your credit card merchant has integrated with BigCommerce, then we can use your credentials.
Can I make changes to the website and add products?
You sure can, and it’s easy! Our support is really good and if you can’t figure something out we’ll help you.
Does this website replace the funeral home's website?
No, just the ‘buy flowers’ part of their website. The funeral home keeps their own website.
What percentage do I pay the funeral home?
This percentage is usually from 10% to 20% and depends on what the florist and funeral home negotiates.
How long does it take to set up?
Depending on how busy the epic team is, it takes roughly, 2-4 weeks.
Do you offer websites to funeral homes?
No. Our specialty is eCommerce and would like to focus on this vertical.
Who owns the website?
The website is managed by epicFlowers and they pay for the software/hosting/services, but the florist owns the site and website name.

''epicFlowers brings a fresh and exciting approach to fully independent Florist eCommerce. Their integration with a proven and growing provider in Big Commerce made our decision a no brainer. Continual updates and upgrades, truly SEO friendly and easy to use interface, and of course superior “Florist Specific” support through epicFlowers will quickly make epicFlowers the most sought after Independent Florist eCommerce Solution.''

Duane, Dragonfly Flowers

''Just wanted to say that this website is really working out great. With this pricing structure our average order is around $80. Much more than it used to be and somehow we are getting orders with no help from Google. Thank you for our awesome new website. It is better in every way than our old “wire service” website. It’s truly built to sell flowers and the plug-ins available add great functionality and finally we can service our customers the way we have always wanted! ''

Greg, The Dancing Dandilion

''We have been a customer for almost a year and couldn’t be happier with Brandon and his team. We immediately experienced 50% more orders with our new website. Also, we have been extremely satisfied with the ongoing support and the customization that we have requested. They are definitely a 5 Star operation from our experience!''

Richard, Lindskoog Florist

''I love my wedding blog website. Brandon was really easy to work with. epicFlowers rocks! Brandon is an amazing human being, and has been working his ass off for me the last month or so! I am so impressed with his passion for making awesome florist websites, and how much attention he gives you in the process. I have gotten more customer service in one hour with Brandon than I have had with any other company I have ever dealt with! He really is for real!''

Adam, Belvedere Flowers

''Several times in your life, a chance meeting turns into a beautiful thing. For me, Brandon at epicFlowers was one of those chances and now I have a beautiful mobile-ready e-commerce website. I’ve never worked with a more laid back, yet buttoned up guy. He listens, understands (because he’s a florist too) and has the talent to put it all together for you. The software is easy to learn, use and I am in complete control. I recommend them to any florist looking for an ecommerce site, independent from the wire services. It’s everything they can do and more.''

Connie, Treehouse Florist



For close to 20 years now the relationship between funeral homes and florists have been controlled by middlemen and it is hurting our industry. It is now time to bring back what was separated a long time ago and make it ours again.



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