epicBloom lets you send automated, targeted emails to your customers - that they actually want to read.

epicBloom’s email re-marketing service will help you reach your customers in the right place at the right time. With Abandon Browse emails, you’ll notify your customers if they’ve left your site without making a purchase, making it easy for them to see what they’re missing and how to easily return to your site. You can even include a promotion to incentivize their order, and recommend other specific products (i.e: your best sellers) they may also enjoy. Convert indecisive shoppers, or previous customers price-shopping on several websites, with an email series reminding them why they should shop with YOU.

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How do Abandon Browse emails work?

With epicBloom, we track browser activity on your site and set automatic triggers to send Abandon Browse emails to those who have left without adding items to their cart or completing an order. Shoppers then get an email with your “Still looking?” message, and a reminder of your store’s products or services, other items they may like, and a coupon (if you choose to add one) for completing a purchase.

When do these emails go out?

That’s up to you! We like to send a reminder email one hour after a customer has left your site without making a purchase. epicBloom can also customize the delivery timing of Abandon Browse emails for 24, 48, 72 hours after…whenever you like. Our in-house email marketing team is here to help you decide the critical times to reach your customers with the right message.

How effective are Abandon Browse email campaigns?

Very! As part of a comprehensive email marketing strategy, Abandon Browse series work alongside your other campaigns to deliver the most appropriate content to each customer, and convert site browses into sales.

If you want to turn wandering visitors into returning customers, this is the way to do it. Once you pair these email campaigns with other epicBloom re-marketing campaigns (such as Customer Win-Backs, Order Follow Ups and Welcome Emails), there will be no stopping you! Shift your email marketing into high gear with email campaigns that convert customers, drive sales, and make you more money…easy as that.

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